webmaster portfoilio

Webmaster systems have evolved from raw data script coding to advanced pre-build and connection based no-code formats.

digital marketing fullstack webmaster

Knowledge of website management tools.

Jennifer Bagwell has continued to keep on track with the industry and has provided webmaster services and consulting to keeping clients and employers updated and informed on industry changes and trends. 

fullstack certified 

Jennifer has worked as a FullStack web developer for over 2 years. Keep up with industry changes for human centered product/project development.

Content development

As a content developer is Jennifer creates content for websites and other online services. Content can include articles, blog posts, take pictures of products to use in ads, or record videos about different topics.

ux/ui design

Instead of considering only one approach to a design problem, inclusive design forces UX designers to consider all the ways someone can interact with a primary function of an online entity.

front end development

Principles for user-centered front-end development means making websites more user friendly and easier to use for everyone.