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It is important not to overlook or leave the management of some of the most powerful communication and marketing tools to just anyone. Communicating effectively, directly, and in as many ways as possible is essential.

In what ways do leadership and communication go hand in hand?

You should not only be an effective communicator and listener, but also empower others to be so as well. The best way to influence and motivate your team is to practice empathy and transparency, as well as being aware of how others perceive you through your non-verbal and verbal communication.

Is communication an important part of leadership?

By empowering those around them, a leader inspires positive, incremental change. Communication is the most powerful tool a leader can use for this purpose. In order to build trust, align efforts toward goals, and inspire positive change, effective communication is essential. A lack of communication can result in misinterpretations of important information, causing relationship damage and, ultimately, creating obstacles to progress.

How to make emails more assessable. 

Emails are a way to send messages through the internet. Designing emails requires using HTML, which stands for Hypertext Markup Language. They aren’t just used for people who can see; they’re human-centered and accessible so everyone can use them. Adding alt text – or alternative text descriptions of an image – is one easy thing you can do to make an email more accessible to those with limited or no vision at all.

image of html code for email design layout
email intergration and list Management

One might think that email integration and lists management are two different things, but they are actually just one in the same thing!

email design and layout

As designers, we are aware that aesthetics are important to create successful design. Design for greater impact and call to action. As designers, we are aware that aesthetics are important to create successful design.

email audit and segmenting

Keep your email authority and ranking high. This will make sure that you are maintaining your desired reputation and presenting yourself in an authoritative manner and not ending up in the spam or junk folder.