key principles to Bringing humen center programs and projects to bring community together

Rather than focusing on internal opinions or internal needs, a community program or project design should be based the needs of the community..

A unified and efficient system should be designed rather than component-by-component, which can lead to poor service performance.

The research process should be based on creating value for users and customers as well as being as efficient as possible. Who are your users of your program. If it is a community program, the “users” are your community members.

The project/program design should take into account special events (those causing variations in general processes) as common events and be designed accordingly..

Prototyping and planning can and should be done before designing and testing the final project.

In order for a program to be successful, it must be congruent with a clear community and business case and model.

It is important to consider past POCs and POVs when designing for renewal, refresh, or improvement.

The program should be developed as a minimum viable service (MVS) and deployed.

In response to feedback from users/community, they can then be iterated and improved in order to add more value.

Integrated should involve all relevant stakeholders (internal and external).