Providing teams with the leadership and tools to accomplish their goals and reach their ideal audience.

Leadership and the ability to bring a vision to full fruition. Or, just the ability to lead a vision.

Jennifer began her career working in online virtual meta platforms such as Second Life, gaining unparalleled experience in the online digital community and marketing space, while also establishing herself as a respected local community leader. Jennifer Bagwell is widely known for her business acumen, marketing initiatives, and project collaboration expertise.

While marketing and community leadership is her primary job function, she also contracts and volunteers time managing global communication and front-end website experience. While her online career has helped her grow as a professional, Jennifer still takes the time to give back to her community and other nonprofit organizations.

Who Says Leadership Is Easy?

Are you looking for leadership development training for your team?

Powerful Leadership

With over a decade of experience leading teams, she has worked with educators, government officials, business owners, and international brands.

Transform Your Team

Transform your team by giving them the leadership, tools, and strategies they need to be able to reach their goals.

Reach Your Goals

With strong connections with her audience, Jennifer offers content marketing, team leadership, and community management services for organizations looking to grow their brand and engagement.

Always Grow

Throughout her career, Jennifer has been passionate about personal growth and emotional intelligence. A valuable part of her job is encouraging others to reach their full potential and empowering other professionals to continue to grow.