A portfolio that is driven by a love to learn.

Jennifer has always had a love of learning. When she attended Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s speaking engagement, she was inspired by the words, “learn to learn”. As a result, Jennifer seeks to learn new skills to complement and expand her existing skillset, enabling her to solve a diverse set of problems and issues. In response to this new motivation, she has gained multiple professional certifications and training over the course of her career.


As a Full-Stack Digital Marketer, Jennifer has had the opportunity to showcase her many skill sets over the years. Here are a few highlights.

Multi Media & Digital Work

Years of onsite and digital media production, Jennifer can create, produce, edit multi-media digital content.

Meta Virtual World Design and Marketing

As an early adapter and member virtual metaverse communities, Jennifer is able to create and code virtual content for use in-world and bridging the digital marketing gap.


Blogging, articles, copywriting, content creation, and press releases are a few of the services Jennifer provides to share your message.